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Empowered young girl

DETERMINED. AMBITIOUS. WOMEN. NETWORKING is a 501(c)3 and a three-part component organization, that consists of a mentoring program, a sisterhood and a networking outlet.

Our mission is to give young girls a year round support system armoring them with the proper techniques, skills and knowledge that will assist them in obtaining a healthy life experience while navigating through life. We umbrella a wide range of issues that impact the youth that assists in bringing the impact full circle. We focalize on tackling social & emotional issues, mental health, transgenerational trauma, healthy conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, life skills, financial literacy and communication skills.


DAWN members are dedicated, consistent and devoted to the overall goal of building lifelong relationships that will propel them on a path to greatness and play a role in the success rate in our youth of today. The goal is to help guide the youth in our  community and create a village of support, togetherness and unity.  

D.A.W.N was conceived in 2016 by a concerned parent in response to the severe bullying her oldest daughter was experiencing in school. Rena Camille decided it was time to use her passion, voice and creativity to bring young girls together and offer them a positive alternative. After a few phone calls to other concerned friends, parents and entrepreneurs who themselves were looking for a way to give back and help, this amazing outreach was born!  The first event took place in June of 2017 and it has grown from there. 


D.A.W.N is now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has grown to 80 members. They host free workshops and inherit any costs associated to providing free one on one outings to help alleviate financial pressures that may reside in their low income households. Their workshops are fun and educational and the girls are prepared meals at every workshop.

Thus far self funded and with over 60 new requests on the waiting list, D.A.W.N would love to finally accept more young girls, (and mentors) but needs the communities help in raising the funds to do so! 

PLEASE give a tax free donation today, to help expand our dreams of helping the community! We THANK YOU in advance!

Below are a look into some of our past events.

Check here for our Facebook page, with all the current updates!

mentor application

D.A.W.N is currently accepting submissions for more Mentors to add to our waiting list for the next open enrollment period ! If mentoring is on your spirit, register today! It is an incredible way to give back and inspire these young ladies.


D.A.W.N is currently accepting submissions for our upcoming season.
We welcome young ladies ages 9-14.
Although we are presently at capacity, we are hopeful that our current funding campaign will allow us to open enrollment in Spring & Fall.  

Youth organization application
D.A.W.N News
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